Who are you? And what do you want?

My name is Joel, and I live in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve been playing music since I was 5, and writing music since I was 14.  I am not a professional anything when it comes to music. It’s a lifelong passion that’s normally taken a backseat to raising a family any my regular job as a software engineer. Although I try to keep the music candle burning on a weekly, if not daily, basis, I have to fit it between everything else.

See here for a timeline of my songwriting journey.

What I want is to build a site where I can relate some of my experiences in the hopes that other songwriters who are walking the same path can learn from my successes and mistakes. I also want to learn more about the craft of music production, and one of the ways that I learn is to research and write things down.


Does the name Songwriter Sidekick have any significance?

Sort of. The goal of this site is to help as a guide to the things you can do if you write songs. So the first part, Songwriter, is a no brainer. But there wasn’t a good way to sum up recording, marketing, passive income, PROs, taxes, and many other topics I plan on writing about in one or two words. So I came up with Sidekick off the top of my head because it sounded good and had a nice visual to it.

Also the domain name songwritersidekick.com wasn’t taken yet.


All of your reviews are positive. How can that be?

Mainly because I only write reviews about gear or services that I feel excited about. If I use a microphone or a plugin or anything that makes my life as a songwriter better, I want to tell other people about it.

However, if you read enough of my reviews you may find that I gush more about some items than others.

On the flip side, sometimes I do purchase an item that I feel isn’t worth the money or is defective in some way. But whether it’s because it is actually junk, or it’s a rare lemon in an otherwise solid line, or my opinion is simply wrong - I don’t feel inspired to write negatively about it.


You seem to be kind of Folk/Acoustic based. Do you ever write about [some genre or another]?

Well, they say write what you know. I like all kinds of music, but what I like to play and record is mostly acoustic based. You’ll find that the focus of this site is geared in this direction, and you’ll be much more likely to find an article about mic placement on an instrument than how to produce dubstep-ready sounds in Native Instruments Massive.

Not that I don’t like Massive! I do - but I don’t think I’m so good yet at determining the good sounds from the bad.

However, there are many resources for all kinds of genres out there, and I’ll link to them as I go.