2017 Song Challenge - 1/100

Last year I wasn't as productive musically as I wanted to be. I have various excuses for this, but all too boring to repeat here. So I'm just going to wipe the slate clean and look forward.

This year I'm going to challenge myself to spend more consistent time in the studio by making a goal of producing and posting 100 songs on my AudioJungle profile

I will go into more detail later on AudioJungle (and passive income through stock music) and why I need to produce a lot of songs in a short time for my profile there. But for now, I'll just explain that these songs are usually short 1-3 minute instrumentals meant to be used as background music for videos of all sorts, from personal productions to worldwide broadcasts.

100 songs for me in a year is a giant stretch (100 quality songs anyway). I don't expect to hit my goal by the end of the year but I'm excited to see how far I get. 

And I'm pleased to note that my first entry has now been accepted! It's an instrumental called Good News, and incorporates my usual favorite instruments - acoustic guitar, ukulele, bass, piano, electric piano, drums and percussion. Check it out here, and if you feel inspired, leave me some feedback!

Until next time,

-- Joel